Orthodontic Services and Treatments

  • Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages
    • Children and Adolescents: Interceptive treatment to guide the growth of the teeth and jaws to their optimum positions and conventional treatment to alleviate crowding, spacing, and bite problems
    • Adult Treatment: Orthodontic treatment for adult aesthetic or functional concerns such as crowding, spacing, missing teeth, drifting teeth, or bite problems
  • Conventional Braces
    • Surgical-grade stainless steel brackets and wires
    • Colored ties (optional) around the braces at each adjustment appointment to create a different look
  • Ceramic Braces
    • Clear braces for those patients who need conventional orthodontic treatment but wish to camouflage their braces
  • Invisalign
    • A series of clear removable trays (aligners) that slip over the teeth

    • Aligners are typically changed every two weeks to gradually straighten teeth over time

    • Available to most patients with minimal treatment needs

  • Mouth Guards
    • Required by the athletic programs in all communities to protect teeth from trauma during impact sports
    • Custom fitting mouth guards can be made in multiple color choices
  • Dentofacial Orthopedics
    • Correction of discrepancies and imbalances of the teeth and jaws using functional appliances or headgear in growing patients
    • Usually followed by conventional braces to achieve the best results
  • Surgical Treatment
    • Combined orthodontic and surgical treatment to correct jaw discrepancies in non-growing patients to obtain the most stable and esthetic results
    • Surgical treatment provided by an oral surgeon in a coordinated effort with the orthodontist to achieve the best treatment outcome